Sunday, 24 February 2013

Brace goes to Mexico

This Blog is about my last trip to mexico which was totally crazy!!   I traveled to Playa Del Carmen with my co-star Nic  who I travel with from time to time. This trip was over the holidays.   I discoved Playa when a trip of mine to Cancun was screwed up by a booking agent but I am glad it happend.   Cancun to me is like a college binge drinking place that reminds me of a college bar?  Playa to me is alittle more upscale with good places to have dinner, good beaches and a hand full of good clubs.  It seems to me that the clientele in Playa is alittle more upscale and above 25 for the most part.   Anyhew, Nic and I went out for new years eve to a crazy thumpin party right next to the blue parrot in which we kicked it until 9 am!!!  We then went back to our place took showers and changed into our shorts and went to the blue parrot to hear thumpin house music that was off the hook!   Next thing I know Nic says "Brace, dont talk to that group of guys over there"?  I guess there was some sort of problem?  Next thing I know some guy was talking to me and at the same time one of his friends was yelling at me saying some rude comments for no reason?   I guess these guys were the local drug dealers and they felt threatened by us??   I guess they were surrounding us??  Next thing I know a girl came up to me and grabbed me by the arm and said "Brace, you need to come with me"?  I had never seen this girl before?  I went with her and some of her friends as they led me out of the place.  She told me that they had been watching the whole thing and that these nuts jobs guys were surrounding us???  Good thing they pulled us out :)   They were staying at the Aldea Thai which was a short walk.  Aldea Thai is a very beautiful place which allows guests their own personal pools etc...  Well we spent the next 2 days hangin with these people who were from Boston and had a great time!  Two of the guys are actually very good DJ's that may come to vegas and spin for an event I may be doing with Vegas Royaltys Justin Lu.   Crazy times in Mexico and one word of warning about mexico "Watch your ass and dont go anyplace alone"!!  Especially if your a women!!   Like alot of big cities alot of these fuk head men will drug womens drinks and take advantage of them!!  Be careful in mexico and for that matter at any club!!   Peace out!  Brace :)

Vegas Pool Party

 I went to my second Vegas pool party a couple of sundays ago but wont mention which one for obvious reasons.   The music was lound but sounded good with all the same sites like drunkin women fallin all over the place with 10 times more men than women following them around trying to pick out the weakest from the heard :)   Its fun to watch.  The servers are all very sexy girls and fun for ME to watch ;)   All and all its fun to do once in awhile but seems alittle more of a tourist trap.  If you dont mind paying $15.00 for a drink then go do it up.  My friend Justin who owns Vegas Royalty had a B-day celebration so it was all good! If you like cool clothes check out his store in the Vanetian.  It wasnt long before I noticed some TOOL spitting all over the place right in front of our booth?   It was some wanna be clown with all the dumb ass bling thinkin he was big pimpin acting like a fool!  No big deal though? It was 5pm and  as we all made our way out of the party some CLOWN basically pushed me aside while he pulled a girl behind him and sure enough it was the wanna be spitter with all his gaudy bling!  Im thinkin to myself what a fuckin tool and if I was not in such control of myself I would had slammed his drunkin ass to the ground and put him in a submission hold that he would have never forgot !  Anyway we walk up to get our cars which were in Valet and the fuckin CLOWN wanna be walked right up to the front of the line were he got into a pushing match with some guy he stepped in front of??  My god, this guy was such as asshole!  Next thing you know security was all there trying to control this wanna be ghetto fool who happen to have a 4 door Maserati.  I guess he thought he was entited or something?  After this idiot made a scene for about the 10th time that day he finally crawled into his car with some drunk bimbo and drove off.   I have seen this time and time again how these types of idiots start confrontations, fights, and all kinds of problems and then when they get their ass kicked or arrested they blame everyone else but the low budget idiots they are!   Staff inside the pool party should have ejected this ass hole alot earlier and this is one of the reasons I dont go to places like that very oftern.  I dont like being around out of control people because you dont what they will do next?  Maybe in the next 100 years these types of people will learn how to act in a civilized world??? 

Vince Neal opens new strip club in Vegas

I was invited along with cast member Nick Hawk to Vince Neils club opening for his strip club here in Vegas last weekend.  I pull up with date in hand to a red carpet greeting with all the cameras and bling.  I was surprised to see so many cameras and people.  They asked me if I wanted to join the "chaos" of the crowd by going over to Vince but I respectfully declinded as I am not into so much choas if I can avoid it :)  I was surprised when I entered the club to see how it was laid out which was cool!  I had never been there before so I didnt know what to expect.  I noticed alot of people seemed to be dressed in 80's type clothes and even hair styles?   I wasnt sure if it was an 80's party or if it was simply Vinces 80's following?  I didnt notice too many HOT dancers or should I say MY VERSION of hot which is SMOKIN HOT !   I didnt stay very long but all in all it was fun.  The night took a quick turn when Vince was singing on stage and tried to jump from one stage to the other and slipped and fell or should I say rolled and popped up like nothing happend , LMAO after I realized he was ok :)  Vince landed like an ole pro and I am sure it probably wasnt his first fall in his career, LOL.  I happen to read a post or blog of some sort were some hater called Vince a "washed up rock star".   I would rather be a wasted up rock star than to have never been one at all!  Those of us who "choose to be great" kill ourselves sometimes to get were we want to go in life.  We sacrifce behind closed doors and do what others refuse to do. When we screw up and see our careers slow down its in plain sight for the whole world to see and judge! I find that those who say bad things about others are miserable people who are full of envy.   At least those who try can at least say  they tried and those who never tried have the balls to try sit back and talk trash and only wish.  Vince still performs well and has a great time doing it!  Hes financially set and gets all the hot young tail he wants!  Who could ask for more?  Vinces place is on Arville in Las Vegas and its a fun hang out!  Ck it!  Peace out, B

EDC experience 6-9-2012

 I kept hearing about this huge techno event with amazing DJ's like Tiesto, Armin Vanburen and more so I looked into it.  The event is called EDC and is held at the Vegas race track about 10 miles out of town.   A friend of mine called me to tell me he had a booth, tranportation etc... so I grabbed a friend and went to meet them at the Aria.  We took off from Aria with about 14 people in a large SUV with our driver.  I didnt realize that a trip out to the race track would take at least 1.5 hours!!!  And thats if you know the back way!  It turned into quite the adventure to say the least.  After arriving in the parking lot at EDC we walked about a half mile to the booth were we had to sign in and get our wrist bands.  After waiting about 30 minutes we soon were told the bad news?  No more wrist bands???  Hmmm, we paid $3600 for this fiasco and they didnt have enough wrist bands??  Maybe it was the large crowd from the night before (friday night) that drew 150,000 people?  I dont know but it seems they would be more prepared?  Anyway someone took off and came back with enough bands to accomidate our party so we were on to the next step.   We then were to wait in a parking lot with other party goers as we waited for a ride into the complex.   A van and another vehicle would drive up and take individual parties which soon turned into "mob" mentality!  We had to give the main guy $100 to take us in!   Ok, so now we are in the vehicle that takes us into the complex and it drops us at the enterance gate were our VIP booth was or was it?   We were informed that due to the wind our sections was closed!!!    We then walked into the main enterance of the place and as soon as we stepped in the music stopped and they announced that people had to move away from the stage due to the wind.   It took us about 10 minutes to realize that they were NOT going to play anymore music due to the wind which could blow over the set up on stage and hurt people. Sugarland is a perfect example of what can happen when the wind kicks up as a few people were killed I believe?   Anyway, we then made it back to our vehicle were we it took at least another hour or so to get the hell out of there!   I would think that to organizers would be able to watch the weather channel to see that the wind that night was PREDICTED!  But hey, lets not cancel anything!  At $200 per ticket and 150,000 people attending thats about ohhhh  30 MILLION dollars!!!  I dont think they could give two shits about knowing that the event would become unsafe at some point?  Hey, as long as they get their money.  Anyhew that was my first and last experience with EDC which was a costly waste of time and money!!  B

Season 4 of Gigolos is a GO!

I know a lot of rumors have been floating around about season 4 of Gigolos so I thought I would clear things up.  It looks like we will be doing season 4 with all the same cast members from season 3?   There are always negotiation issues but it seems like its all good.  Season 4 will take place in Las Vegas just like the last 3 season.  There is talk of doing Gigs in Miami but I don't see it happening right now? Season 4 will be amazing as everyone is totally stoked about doing it so I am sure it will be full of surprises :;)    I will be launching my new "Nutraceuticals" supplement line on season 4 which is so amazing!!  For those of you who want the answer to aging skin you better tune in!  I have put together THEE most powerful "free radical" scavenger formula on the market! Its called "The Wrinkle Miracle".   The ingredients are proven to fight aging and actually HEAL wrinkles!!  Im also launching "Raspberry Ripped Ketones" which is a formula that is designed to "amp up" your metabolism and help you lose fat! Dr. Oz has made Raspberry ketones popular on his show but my formula is much more!    Next on the list is a "15 day cleanse" that will clean you out and help you lose toxic build up!  Next is a MEGA prostate formula that I put together with the best and most powerful ingredients know to help keep the prostate healthy and strong.  The star ingredient is Beta-sitosterol which is 3000 times more potent than saw pawmetto and actually blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT which makes you lose your hair!!  Works for women as well!  Last but not least is a MEGA Multi Vitamin designed for both Men and Women which is loaded with a fruit complex, veggie complex along with all the essential vitamins and minerals!  More to come :)  You will be able to see my products on www.Braceland.Tv    Have a good holiday and remember, if your traveling to Vegas you can get the best deals by going to     Thanks for your support and have a happy holiday and a great new year!!  Brace    PS.  I will be hosting at the Chateau after party for AVN Jan 19th along with Gigolo Nick :)   Should be a riot!!

Last week of Filming Season 4 of Gigolos

 It went by quick but it wasn't easy!  We went fast and furious this season as the days were spent at many different locations with much to do ( I cant wait to sleep!).   Producers are saying that season 4 is by far better than the rest :)  I believe it as the stories and synergy between us  seems to mesh very well like a fine tuned engine.  We added a new guy named "Bradley" who is southern and he adds a nice twist to the mix.  Producers are predicting that Season 4 of Gigs will be released sometime in May?   I was asked again to be on the soup two weeks ago were I co hosted a stint with New York (Tiffany) that was a pre Valentine show which talked about the best gift for your partner.   As you may already have thought our stint went totally sexual and the producers of the SOUP even with editing wouldn't release it???   New York is a naughty women and has NO FILTER!!  I was contacted by the producers who told me they were airing and quick marketing piece I did for my new male enhancement "ROAR" which is to air Tuesday night Feb 19th?  I may be launching a new condom soon so be on the look out?  My product line of Nutraceuticals is going well and I haven't even done any advertising other than FB and Twitter.  My 15 day cleanse, HGH product, Raspberry "ripped" keytones and my Wrinkle miracle are selling like hot cakes because they work!  All of my clients who ordered the Raspberry ketones with the 15 day cleanse along with the digestive enzyme flush  are reporting to me that they have lost up to 15 pounds in two weeks!!   I know what works and soon everyone will know "what they don't want you to know" about how to really lose weight!!  Take care and thanks for your support!  You can see my products at